About Us

we streamline the engagement and admin between federations, clubs, members and fans, so you can FOCUS ON YOUR SPORT

We started FOYS when we (as active sports volunteers) noticed that federations often lack direct engagement with members, have ICT legacy, and struggle to show added value to clubs. Clubs find it increasingly hard to recruit and retain volunteers for whom the admin burden is high, often using a combination of not-connected and old-fashioned digital tools. And members don’t have easy access to scores, ratings, schedule, personal calendar, and relevant content.


Our vision

To create a platform that would integrate all key functions to organize sports. Functions which are not generic but sport-specific, and a white-label platform that's ready for the future. And by all this, we create super volunteers and professionals and a better sports experience for members and fans.

Our approach

To work closely with federations to help their processes and to ensure that our product is best suited for the sport and contains the vital info for the user. We bring the federation together with their clubs to go on a journey for the future development of their platform. Finally, we believe it’s crucial that our customer service is highly responsive and available at ‘volunteer hours’.

Jochem Verberne



I like to help sport clubs and federations with new IT solutions to get more structure and engagement between federations, clubs, volunteers and members. We can make live easier for both federations, clubs and volunteers

Yorick Imthorn



I work closely with all clients ensuring all technical aspects run smoothly. I like challenges and try to find sustainable solutions. When it storms I do not hide inside, but take my kite and face the wind

Lotte Sibbald

Customer Champion


I enjoy to connect with clubs and federations regarding their IT structure. I like to create new functionalities and solutions to make sport bigger, better and stronger. I like to think about possibilities as I believe everything is possible in IT

Bart Volmer

Customer Champion


I make sure that all federation employees and club volunteers are connected and engaged to FOYS. I like to innovate and build solutions for federations, clubs and members. I consider myself as an involved club member and perform several commission task

Ties Molenaar

Customer Champion


As a child I was always enthusiastic to try new sports. I now strive to understand and improve sports with the same enthusiasm. I enjoy the challenge of finding the best and most innovative IT solutions together with our customers.

Thijs Timmermans

Tech Wizard


As a rower you can find me a lot in a boat and on the water, but as a developer I strive to keep learning and realize the wishes of clubs and federations as well and efficiently as possible.

Omar Hassanien

Customer Champion


I enjoy sparring in the ring just as much as I love sparring about IT solutions which makes the work of volunteers easier and improves efficiency for clubs and federations.

Jacob Offerman

Customer Champion


As a former competitive athlete, I'm passionate about helping clubs and federations to identify and develop talents. The FOYS platform supports the trainer staff in several ways, allowing them to focus on the talents.

Chanté Steenkamp

Customer Champion


Growing up, surrounded by sports, I find it important to work closely with Federations & Clubs to help improve the experience for all involved. The possibilities are endless,making sport better by bringing IT solutions and sport together. Creating a strong community and excellence within your federation or club.

Doeke Roos

Tech Wizard


With my passion for sports as a tennis player ánd for IT as a data engineer, I think FOYS is the perfect place to combine these two. To make incredible innovative products and make life easier for other sport enthusiasts.