How is digitalization part of your strategy?

  • To improve the way people experience their sport?
  • To better connect with your clubs and members?
  • To integrate all digital tools to get to a single-source-of-truth?
  • To streamline processes and save costs?
  • To save time of volunteers?
  • To create your own new, large, and marketable platform?
  • All of the above and more?

Move from an admin-oriented to a service-oriented federation!

Sports was slow to digitize. But by now, dozens of digital tools exist for specific functions (e.g.competition, administration, finances, team management) and specific audiences (sports, clubs, teams). Many federations are faced with the challenge of their poorly integrated legacy IT tools. FOYS aims to integrate the key functions to take the organization of your sport to the next (service) level.

Next gen integrated sports IT architecture

The lean central database of FOYS connects easily with the plug-and-play modules and tools from FOYS and external providers

Next gen integrated sports IT architecture

Your FOYS platform is ready for future development and designed for scale: the FOYS platform is being further developed for you and other federations

System maintenance is continuous and much cheaper

Data security is important to us. We comply with the GDRP regulations

Plug & Play with the external tools you love through modern APIs

Good value for money

Your own platform

The white-label platform consists of

  • Web application for federations employees and club volunteers to organize your sport

Your own platform

Customized app and My environment for members and everyone else interested in your sport, so that all the relevant info is readily available to them.

Partnering for the long term

We understand that changing your Core Federation System is a big thing. Together we manage the change and work towards the goals we jointly set. Like a sports team. Because we're athletes too.

Partnering for the long term

In order to develop the tools which truly help you, we try to understand your processes and the way you work with clubs and members

While leveraging our experiences with other feds.

We leverage your experts in the development and test phases

And provide tailored training and service

Finally, we love to engage in strategic discussions on how digitization can help your federation!