First year with VOLTA

VOLTA has been operational since January 2020. FOYS assisted the Dutch athletics federation to switch to a new IT platform including a new CRM application that the federation used for the administration of all members and clubs.

The application integrates the federation, clubs, and athletes with a complete and personal administration. VOLTA is free and available for all clubs and affiliated running groups of the federation. The management of members, competitions, courses, events and more all go through the VOLTA application. The user-friendly interface offers volunteers of clubs and running groups the possibility to manage their administration effortlessly. 

VOLTA also offers a free mobile application for all athletes with relevant information on running and athletics news, race and running calendars and competition, the Running Coach podcasts and news and other federation events. Athletes also receive a digital membership card with personal licenses and qualifications. Clubs who chose to make use of the premium package can personalize this app by adding club news, sponsors, events, training schedules and more. These clubs can also manage the financial administration, attendance of events and trainings, send messages via email and mobile app and manage external relations. A central application for federation, club and member will ensure a stronger engagement and a closer connection between all parties.

FOYS looks forward to continuing the development of VOLTA and further digitalizing the sport by connecting athletes with clubs and federation, so athletes will be able to: Focus On Your Sport.

For 2021 FOYS and the Athletics union plan to further integrate clubs and get them onboard with VOLTA.