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For Federations & Leagues

FOYS Core Federation System


  • To improve the way people experience their sport?
  • To better connect with your stakeholders?
  • To target new athletes, even without traditional membership?
  • To integrate all digital tools to get to a single-source-of-truth?
  • To streamline processes and save costs?
  • To save time for volunteers?
  • To create your own new, large, and marketable platform?
  • To better leverage the wealth of your own data?

All of the above and more?

Move from an admin-oriented to a service-oriented federation!

Federation & League Platform

The FOYS Core Federation System is a central solution for federations and leagues. We recognise that every sport is different and the organisation of sport-related activities is done differently across countries. Therefore, no standard package or configuration is possible. We configure our existing solutions based on the requirements of your organisation. So while offering a tailored and fully white-label platform, the FOYS IT architecture cleverly leverages the overlap in requirements, resulting in a high value for money. 
Furthermore, having your own platform with key functionalities creates many new opportunities!

We believe it’s time for you as a sports organisation to get in control of your own data. We make sure your data is accessible API's, exports and data warehouses. Get insights from flexible reporting and customizable data visualisation.

Create new opportunities 

Sports was slow to digitize. But by now, dozens of digital tools exist for specific functions (e.g.competition, administration, finance, team communication, reservations and bookings) and specific audiences (sports, clubs, teams). Many federations are faced with the challenge of their poorly integrated legacy IT tools. FOYS aims to integrate the key functions to take the organization of your sport to the next (service) level.

  • Save precious staff and club volunteer time 
  • Engage with all members, trainers, officials, etc. Reach all members or specific groups within seconds
  • Improve data quality and up-to-date security
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Next gen integrated sport it architecture 

  • The lean FOYS central database is the spider in the web of all kinds of different functionalities for the fed. Make your fed platform ready for future development.
  • FOYS invests in ongoing improvement of our own modules
  • Modern API connects real-time with dozens of external tools
  • Data security

The FOYS Core Federation System consists of 

  1. a cloud-based web application (‘backend’) for federation and league employees. Club volunteers can also log in and use basic functionalities for free or opt for the premium (paid) full club management solution.
  2. different frontend environments for members, fans etc.
    • iOS/Android mobile app, My Environment, and other web pages/widgets with content managed in FOYS.

Here are just some of the topics that the FOYS platform can help you with:

Partnering for the long term

  • We act as long-term partners of your federation or league, together we aim to help clubs, athletes, and fans
  • We try to truly understand your sport, the processes behind it, and the interaction with clubs and members
  • Finally, we love to engage in strategic discussions on how digitization can help your federation! We proactively think along with all levels in your organization, while leveraging our experiences with other customers
  • All data in FOYS belongs to our customers
  • GDPR compliant (data protection and security)
Value for money
  • No upfront investment for clubs
  • No hidden costs 
  • Strong track-record indicates limited risk
No complex IT transition
  • Lean cloud-based product
  • Easily connect to existing IT software
Sales and service 
  • Full training of all relevant staff members
  • Roll out of basic club functionalities by customer with support of FOYS
  • 1st line servicing by customer with support of FOYS
  • 2nd line technical support by FOYS. Highly available customer service
  • Roll out of premium (paid) club management solution by FOYS with support of customer
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Are you interested in what FOYS can offer your federation or league? We would love to better understand your situation and needs, and demo our solution as well as showcase how we’re partnering with our customers. 

Please feel free to use our contact form to schedule a meeting!