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Team management

Manage teams and easily send messages, organize training sessions, register for competitions, fill out match forms, and reserve courses or boats

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Competition management

FOYS develops complete sport-specific competition systems. Match calendar, tournaments, registration, match forms, (live) results, rankings, links with e.g. time registration systems, etc

Official / jury planning

Officials can indicate their availability and are assigned by algorithm or manually. Community with selected officials and track their activity

Court booking

Most complete court reservation solution in the market

Boat booking and fleet management

Manage your entire fleet and other materials. Members can book boats and report damages


Make renting out lockers, materials, harbor berths, stables, parking spaces, etc. a piece of cake

Courses en licenses

Manage trainer and jury trainings as well as all types of licenses. Many settings available for sport-specific configurations

Big events

Organize major events and conferences, including registration and access


Are you interested in what FOYS can offer your federation or league? We would love to better understand your situation and needs, and demo our solution as well as showcase how we’re partnering with our customers. 

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